Our Products

We supply batteries for:

Automotive vehicles (6v & 12v), trucks, forklifts, motorcycles, golf carts (6v, 8v & 12v), generators, UPS systems, solar systems, alarms, gate & garage motors, wheelchairs, rechargeable and Lithium Ion (motorcycle)


Ctek chargers, Genius chargers, Genius jumper pack, jumper cables, heldowns, terminals, champs, cable (made to custom size) and testers.

Excellent service, good prices and good advice!

Latest News


Motobatt Pro Lithuim batteries for motorcycles and Genuis all in one charger with Lithuin function!

Willard Batteries

Who needs the Easter bunny, when there’s Willard? 😉 We’re giving away R500 000 cash over the next few weeks.